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From day one as a Franchisee I have found the support team at Pink Connect to be brilliant and that both my customers and I can count on them. This is a big deal for me as I am building my business, knowing my customers will be happy and stay customers of mine, long term. The personal and business support from James and the team at Pink Connect is outstanding, contributing daily to my business growth. Not only do they provide support on technical areas, allowing me to secure large complex deals I would otherwise possibly lose but they motivate and inspire me to build my business.

They consistently provide high grade training and are improving and streamlining processes all the time. They invest in intensive quarterly franchisee training and events to foster our close customer service culture within the company. There is no doubt that hard work is required from the Franchisee to build their business from a standing start through to long term success, but you are far from alone in the journey! My Pink Connect Franchise has been a great move for me...

Raj Deokar - Pink Connect Northampton

I spent 6 months researching different franchise offerings. I looked at all different industries and all types of franchise model and none of them seemed to offer the long term potential that Pink Connect could offer. It was the residual income that most attracted me. In almost any business there is a constant worry that you must find new business and sell something that day, week or month just put food on the table but with Pink Connect the monthly commission statement only ever goes up. It is fair to say this is no get rich scheme but then no "proper" business is. However with all Pink connect has to offer its is so easy to keep gaining new customers and continue to grow your monthly income.

It is not just a great financial model though. It is also a very enjoyable business to be a part of and can make you feel very proud. Every new customer we sign up is thankful to us for saving them money and once they have experienced the customer service offered by the team at head office they are usually shouting about how great we are to anyone that will listen.

Danny Snelling - Pink Connect Norfolk

The big thing for me as a Pink Connect Franchisee is the high level of service that Pink Connect offers my customers. Calls to Pink Connect are always answered within three rings by friendly technical experts with access to comprehensive testing facilities. Having the support of such a strong service team leaves me free to concentrate upon business development knowing that my customers are brilliantly looked after and retained year on year. The whole team at Pink Connect offer me a high level of support for business development. They are always available with unlimited product advice and guidance, or even just to discuss ideas. This is something that I make full use of.

I chose Pink Connect because I wanted to build a business with a reputation for offering the best telecoms experience in my area. Pink Connect has enabled me to do this and my business is growing in reputation and turnover as a result.

If you have a desire to build a successful Franchise producing secure long term residual income, marketing industry leading communication solutions to businesses, with the support of a committed Franchisor, then you should seriously consider a Pink Connect franchise.

Andy Moore - Pink Connect Bristol

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